Nick of Time

This an alleged high concept film. It’s actually a feature film with a one-line script. Spoiler alert, here’s the full script:

Father gets picked up from the street at random to kill a JFK expy, on threat of killing his child. All ends well.

You might think I’m exaggerating, but this elevator pitch is all that happens within those 90 minutes. The plot in its entirety. In the first 5 minutes all you need to know is explained to you, and then there’s over an hour of people shuffling around doing stuff.

Christopher Walken is not so over-the-stop is starts getting interesting, therefore he is criminally underutilised. Johnny Depp is the lead, but can’t make omelettes without eggs. Or a picture of eggs. Or the word “eggs” written in toilet paper.

Delusional maniacs compare this with Run Lola Run. Calling it “not in the same ballpark” is putting it short.

The best part of this is the main credits. Much better than the film proper, and only last a couple minutes.

One of the most indulgent films I have ever seen. Just sad.


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