The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson does Life Is Strange

This is the weirdest thing. I had to pressed to boil this down to a sentence it would be “Peter Jackson does Life Is Strange”. The credits mention Jackson’s long time producer friend and his wife, so my guess for this huge swerve is pure peer pressure.

It’s so emotionally manipulative, it could almost be done by Disney. Still, it’s effective in its aim: making shots of young girls frolicking in uncanny cornfields feel very sad. This can only be because it truly is about rape and murder, from the perspective of the victim. Word on the street is that it was heavily toned down from the book, which in a way feels like a relief. Sometimes, telling is enough, no need to show anything.

The actors are the highlight of the film. Marky Mark and Susan Sarandon are specially unrecognisable. Rachel Weisz can do no wrong in my view, and Saoirse Ronan confirm her status as a rising star.


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