Jonah Hex

Bog-standard comic book adaptation. Not even worth to hate.

A bunch of A-listers (and Megan Fox) sleepwalking through the set. This was supposed to be directed by Neveldine/Taylor, but that fell though.

There’s a plot in there somewhere about a Confederate higher-up who is actually a good guy and doesn’t really care about that slavery thing. But then, the Big Bad is literally trying to take over the world, ahem the US, by going up the Potomac and bombard the White House, of the Capitol or something. Just in case you get into your head that this is anything more than the white noise of portable Gatling guns.

Josh Brolin does his best gruff voice and constipated face, Megan Fox can’t act her way out of a paper bag, Fassbender in one of his early roles shows off his sexy accent, and John Malkovich, as always, doesn’t realise he’s in a terrible film.

It’s still not worth to waste a little over an hour to see this.


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