Rocky IV

The best Rocky is the first one, but Rocky III (the one with Mr. T) was pretty crap already. This takes the cake, though.

This feels like a shallow parody of a Rocky film, mixed with the usual Cold War paranoia. There’s a dissonance between the ending speech, which seems like a recognition that both countries are not so different in their goals, and that fact that all Russian characters are moustache-twirling Dick Dastarlies.

Drago is always seen as a monster. He literally punches a guy TO DEATH. Boxing is a love. Boxing is life.

It reaches Yu-Gi-Oh levels when the every single conflict is resolved with boxing matches. It’s like the characters have surgically attached boxing gloves to their hands.

Adrian has no big speeches this time, she just stands there doing the Extremely Concerned Doormat. A shameful downgrade for the only significant female character.


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