Yet another horror film about man-sized bugs with humanoid faces eating people.

They were supposed to be genetic engineered to eat all cockroaches, but after being released in the wild of New York sewers, they go rogue and eat homeless people and little kids. The scientist that created them hunts them down with her bespoke crew: kids who like bugs, her husband scientist and a New York subway worker they rope in against his will. She finally splats the only fertile male against a subway train after many deaths.

I say “hunts”, but that is not correct. This is no Alien, she and her pals only try to survive, and end up alive almost by accident. They even accidentally blow up a street by shooting the gas pipes.

This was a more mainstream affair by Guillermo Del Toro, but you can see where the producers forced his hand in some parts. It’s not unadulterated terror as he usually films, it’s a middle ground. There are still more than enough people sticking their hands into dark, slimy pits.

I give it 7/disgusting fluids.


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