Lake Placid

Ensemble cast trade snarky remarks amongst themselves, and there’s a giant crocodile in the lake somewhere.

Since the producers went for the R rating, they were able to write a better script. This is coupled with a terrific cast:

  • Brendan Gleason is the local Sheriff.

He tries and fails to affect an American accent. It doesn’t really matter, the snark is delivered with precision.

  • Bridget Fonda is the city girl, bemoaning all the bumpkins and hillbillies.

At least she had an excuse for the snark, as she was dumped by her boss who left her for a co-worker.

  • Oliver Platt as the billionaire freak.

I wouldn’t call it playboy, more like a repugnant nerd who boasts about who many women he beds. The jury is still out if he was telling the truth or just showboating.

  • Bill Pullman is the guy from LA pretending to be comfortable in the sticks.

His character might be a forest guard, but he ain’t fooling no one. Designated love interest for the lady scientist, more by a process of elimination than anything else.

  • Bette Davis is the senile old lady that lives by the lake.

Why yes, I have a 10 meters long crocodile as pet, why do you ask? I feed him entire cows and my husband!

Other than that, this a standard monster film. Only unnamed people get killed. The ladies scream like crazy. The local sheriff saves the day.

Loses steam towards the end, when it shifts genre into something more serious, but the first half is funny enough to recommend.


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