Being John Malkovich

What can you say about a Charlie Kaufman script?

This is not the first time I watched this, but it remains hilarious as the first time.

Nearly every character is a horrible human being.

Catherine Keener plays a complete sociopath. “Sticks and stones might break my bones…” is a complete lie and this is Exhibit A. She treats everyone so horribly it is hilarious.

Cameron Diaz is the urban green activist taken to its limit. Ironically, she is the dominant member of the couple. After the epiphany she turns into a Malkovich junkie.

John Cusack is the author avatar in a more glaring way than Adaptation. Just like other erszatz-Kaufman, he is totally committed to some obscure enterprise (in this case puppeteering, or if you peel back a layer, script writing) and believes people really care about his hobby.

This film defies any genre or characterization. A true Kaufmanesque picture.


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