Magic Mike

I see this flagged everywhere as a comedy, but there’s nothing played for laughs here, this is a serious look into the male stripper world.

I say “stripper”, but considering there is literal dry humping and cocks rubbing on faces of customers I can safely call this soft-core live sex. That’s not even counting the private parties.

The plot hits the familiar beats except gender-swapped, which does change the dynamics from meek girls getting figuratively shafted by their pimps into giants hunks of flesh being vulnerable when facing small weaklings. Mike is a veteran exotic dancer. The newcomer accidentally gets suckered into the club, but after the first experience, he decides to stay. As usual in an underground job, less savoury characters lead him to drug problems. Mike keeps saying he is doing it for the money, but it is a lie and everyone knows it. He finds his better half and together they find the courage to return to more civilized company.

Channing Tatum carries the film practically by itself, but Cody Horn also does a good job. Matthew McConaughey plays the sleazebag that hides it behing a massive charisma, and Olivia Munn appears too, for some reason.

The biggest irony of this is that there is no actual cocks on screen, because that would lead to an easy NC-17 rating (Boogie Nights doesn’t count, it was only a second). But female nudity and breast fondling is A-OK. Someone should gender swap this and make a film about female strippers without showing any nudity, only erect penises.


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