Guys and Dolls

A filmed Broadway play that makes for a good musical but a not-so-good film.

While this is a good musical, with Marlon Brando and Sinatra singing their own songs, and Jean Simmons doing that while looking charming, the plot suffers from lack of focus.

Marlon Brando is addicted to gambling, so Sinatra proposes a bet: can he seduce any woman? Say, the mission speaker. Take this complete unknown to Havana for a weekend.

He starts working on winning that bet but halfway there his heart takes over, bla bla bla, you know the drill.

After taking her to Havana and both getting shitfaced, there is a sudden brawl that could fit in a Pirates of the Caribbean film, balls to the wall bonkers. People diving through window panes, bottles being smashed on heads, prostitutes clocking clients, the whole shebang. They were in Havana, but it looked like Tortuga.


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