Species II

Fucking Predator, literally, with even more fucking.

This sequel to Species completely disregards the sequel hook the previous film setup, and instead opts for Manchurian aliens from Mars are here to use our women as wombs. Since aliens are the same from the first film, they must be a pan-galactic species on the brink of conquering Earth. I assume that’s why so many sequels were needed.

There’s much more nude people in this than in the previous one, justified because they brushed away the talented actors or “justified” because the alien learned and started right away creating an army of hybrids.

In the end, the original seed spreader must have a sore penis, which doesn’t matter because he turns into a Alien/Predator hybrid, foreshadowing the terribleness of that future crossover. S2l (or whatever he is called) is defeated by The Girl and The Merc from last time, but their metaphorical ride into the sunset was ignored.

The effects are not so bad as the last time, but they are still not impressive.


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