Mission: Impossible 2

John Woo decides Face/Off was too sane.

Even though he directed it himself, the first half of this seems like a John Woo parody. Unnecessary slow motion, doves (mixed with pigeons for some reason), insane gunplay. This is mixed with regular Mission Impossible stunts like perfect latex masks and a zipline drop from a helicopter.

Towards the end, the ridiculous elements are abandoned (well… the most ridiculous) and it turns into a non-stop action scene that extends for over 30 minutes.

The plot is special, being written by Robert “Chinatown” Towne for some reason. The villains are Cruise co-workers that kept using Cruise latex masks while he goes off on holidays or something. They had it enough, and decide to go rogue. Their plan: release a Super-Virus, get stock options to control the only company that manufactures the cure and get filthy rich in clean money. The only way to get after them would be insider trading, Al Capone style.

The stunts are great, the plot is ridiculous enough to not matter and the cast is having loads of fun.


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