Hunger Potter: A Twilight Fan Fiction.

This can be easily and accurately boiled to a series of elements plundered from other fiction, packaged in the young adult genre for mass consumption.

The plot is completely daft. Every single foreshadowing plot point is used, there are no surprises anywhere, you can chart every scene from the first five minutes.

Towards the end the moral relativism goes through the roof and the good guys are difficult to tell from the bad guys. It suffers from The Devil Wears Prada effect, but this is for teens.

How come even idealistic bland blockbusters are dog-eat-dog worlds now? This seems more than just a consequence of grittiness and “realism”. I would favour bringing back hippie stuff like Zardoz.

I need to point out another glaring flaw which is the music. The licensed stuff is bland pop crap, which is fine by me, horses for courses, but having Junkie XL on a straight jacket, with the overseeing father figure of Hans Zimmer, makes for a complete shitshow. This is a painful soundtrack.


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