High concept horror film without a budget. Focuses on the dynamics between characters. Blows Saw off the water.

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After all, this is a film where the gimmick is a massive cube with smaller cubes inside it, booby trapped with deadly traps. A bunch of people named after prisons (and not film directors as I first thought) will try to escape it, by decrypting the meaning of series of digits carved into the divisions between the inner cubes. Since that was not hard enough, the inner cubes will move too, animated by an unknown force and responding to obscure rules.

Where are they? Who lead them there? Who built the Cube? Was it the government or a private corporation? Is it possible to leave the cube? Is anyone watching them?

Saying anything more would be spoiling what questions get answers and what get mysteriously left hanging, waiting for the minds of the viewers to coalesce into ideas. These ideas were further explored in the SCP Foundation universe, this would be one of the tamer versions.

Just don’t visit its Wikipedia page or you will get suckered into a vortex of mathematical trivia and weird stuff that almost crosses the line into pure numerology.


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