Man of Steel

Goddamn clusterfuck of pieces of plot strewn together randomly. They credited an editor, but it’s just a pseudonym for BlendTec.

Supes feels like he left a Mad Men episode with that ridiculous hairdo. Make up your own mind, film, it this a gritty reboot or a retread of the original Superman era?

In case anyone could find the Cold War influences not heavy-handed enough, the Dragon has a Russian accent and talks about the end of history. Or are they supposed to be Nazis? I don’t recall.

Michael Shannon thinks he is on a serious film. Caville is a stud muffin, but that’s about it. Amy Adams doesn’t look the part of intrepid reporter. There’s other supporting actors doing their best, but what’s the point really?

Visually, it’s all over the place. A mix between grimdark “realism” and JJ Abrams lens flare. It even has ridiculous zooms, probably to make it look like a documentary. It fails spectacularly in that regard, because in the next shot there are people being thrown around like ragdolls into bricks and mortar.

The military agreed to appear in this, and to look like complete idiots. They fire assault rifles point-blank at the baddies and they don’t even feel it, but the generals still deploy more redshirts instead if nuking everything and run to the hills.

The only upside I could find is those seconds of male full-frontal nudity (babies count).

This film only makes me appreciate District 9 more, since it is its complete anathema.


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