A Noiva

Made for TV simplistic take on the colonial war.

Starts off in the former African colonies. A patrol gets captured and the protagonist remains prisoner for years. Meanwhile, back home, his fiancée doesn’t believe he is dead and keeps digging for clues.

She gives up after someone swears he was dead and is set to marry the neighbour that was pinning for her since childhood. She reaches the church where she should get married and receives news that his husband is alive, so they reunite for a couple minutes. The end.

They drag the plot around for ages and then end it abruptly with an (arguably) happy ending.

Near the end it pulls a Honnêamise, which means a rough “sex” scene that comes out of the blue, out of character, and disappears in the same way. It’s not mentioned after that and feels like a quota-filling exercise clumsily added during editing.


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Ephemera of Vision