Not as disastrous as it seems.

JackIce (from some other notorious Swords and Sandals TV show) gets orphaned by legionaries when was but a boy. They are led by Jack Bauer.

In time, JackIce grows to be a gladiator and gets sent to Pompeii, just when Babyface arrives there to her home. He twists a horse’s neck in front of her, so she is instantly hooked.

Babyface returned from Rome, where she was nearly ravished by Jack Bauer. She escapes him, but he meets her in her own home. Her parents, the villain from Fringe with Bowie’s real name and Trinity, get blackmailed into letting their daughter marry the creep.

Luckily, Mount Vesuvius and JackIce intervene, with the help from Imhotep’s chief of security.

After the eruption, everybody dies, but not before JackIce and Babyface lock lips for all eternity.

Roll credits.


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Ephemera of Vision