The Intern

Not so much about start-ups, just another film to add to the long list of Nancy Meyers works.

Just like her other films, it is almost good enough to see the cast interacting, any notion of plot is secondary. The film equivalent to a very comfortable pair of slippers.

In a nutshell, Anne Hathaway (CEO) and De Niro (the titular intern) get to be BFF while he rolls in the hay with a feisty René Russo. Silicon Valley-esque lumberjack “nerds” complete the package. The CEO has a househusband who cheats on her, but he gets better, so all is good in the end.

Since it’s mostly about the relationships, the start-up culture is not analysed. The boss is just the idealistic American-dream girl, and taking the Protestant work ethic approach (14h work day) is just cool.

This was much better than I expected, even though the more you analyse it the worse it appears. Critics might sum this up as “Nancy Meyers lectures young’uns that seniors are people too”, and they would not be entirely incorrect.


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