The Strangers

Unspeakable horror. Almost literally, the 3 bad guys have less than 3 lines in total.

The plot concerns what seems to be a couple whose female member rejected a marriage proposal. After that awkward moment, which happens before the film starts, they go to his fathers home in Bumfuck, USA. They are loitering at home together, which seems awkward and filled with uncomfortable silences.

Out of the blue, Dollface, Scarecrow and Pin Up Doll appear, first in shadows and then in loco.

The couple gets eventually offed, without much ceremony.

Visually it’s a chiaroscuro-fest, with most of the film happening in poorly lit locations that accentuate a face or an object.

Not a very interesting take on the home invasion genre, the nihilist antagonist. Feels like there is no plot and it is a purely technical performance. I would call it an upbeat Funny Games.

How in the name of $DEITY could this get a sequel? Truly, the mind of a film producer does not work like regular humans.


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