Fast & Furious 6

The one with Luke Evans as the villain. 20 min to stupid car chase.

For some reason Gina Carano is still considered an actress. Maybe it’s due to her pairing with The Rock, but considering Haywire, maybe not.

A bunch of ironic shots. Vin Diesel and Elsa Pataky with Christian crosses around their neck, straight out of the love nest, while they are both widowers. As is that wasn’t enough, he just got word his girl is still alive. The fornicators.

This kind of film is completely obsoleted by games like Need for Speed and all its variants. They probably know this and its why they shifted it into a Marvel film with cars.

Justin Lin must have a thing for flipping vehicles. In here it’s a tank. “Worse”, they have a 70 tons Abrams flips over because they strap a tons Mustang to it.

Then it comes the Antonov scene. That runway must be at least 100 km long, in some obscure Spanish town. And 4 jet engines are no match for an Alfa Romeo with Paul Walker on it. It’s even plot-dependent, non-plot related cars are blown away by the engines.


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