The one that starts the silliness. This starts with a funeral for a “JB”, Bond sucker-punches the widow (which turns out to be the dead man) and eventually ends with Bond escaping on a jetpack.

SPECTRE is back, and this time, Number 3 steals nukes by having an henchman do plastic surgery on himself to pose as a pilot and crashing the plane in the water. After recovering the bombs, they plan to nuke Miami unless they are paid 250 million dollars, or about 25% of Instagram sales price. The UK and USA governments capitulate, signalling this by having Big Ben strike 7 times at 6 PM, but Bond foils their plan.

This happens when the US Coast Guard + Bond and the bad guys have an underwater full scale battle, with dozens of harpoons flying, followed by personal brawls with knives and air tube cuts. After blood is drawn, even sharks join the fray.

After the bad guy escapes after splitting his yatch in two, Bond defeats him with the help of the Bond girl, they get to a inflatable boat and get Fultoned out of there.

The villain has a villa where he keeps a pool of sharks, to where he throws the mooks that fail him. There is a distinct lack of fricking laser beams on their heads.

The villain has a female Dragon working for him, and a “nephew” on retainer, both of which Bond bangs. He also forces himself on a nurse that says she only feels safe when he is strapped to a back-stretching contraption. Business as usual.


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Ephemera of Vision