Die Another Day

The one with Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike and Maddona.

This returns the franchise to stupid plots and the puns, oh god the puns. A North Korean military goes rogue and tries to take over the world. Builds an ice palace on Iceland just to tear it down minutes after the big opening. Builds a kill sat to destroy the mines in the Korean DMZ so that they can pass south of Parallel 38. Has an Antonov loaded with Ferraris, diamonds and other riches so he can flee somewhere after triggering WW3.

Halle Berry comes out of the sea right into Bond’s dick. She is an NSA agent working under Michael Madsen. The LOVEINT implications are chilling.

Bond infiltrates DPKR but gets betrayed by an MI6 mole. He is kept 2 years in Guantanamo conditions, then escapes, swims (or equivalent) to Hong Kong, eats some caviar and is just as new. The mole is called Miranda Frost, the ice queen that only sleeps with Bond to screw HIM over. Just like the last time, she is killed, but Bond keeps his hands clean since she not a foreigner. Rosamund Pike reused her demureness in Johnny English.

This is the last pre-Craig Bond, killed by the silliness, Bourne, and Austin Powers. The formula remained almost unchanged through all this years.


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