Hipster bullcrap. A low rent Spring Breakers.

The plot fits in a napkin.

A trio of teen/young adult woman-children are left alone by her mother in their lavish villa in the Algarve region (Martha’s Vineyard with more tourists), after she absconds with the pool boy in her 50th birthday. Since they are such sheltered violets, they are unable to function in a house of limitless resources, so they set out to search for mommy.

Their travels are allegorical. The eldest is raped by the tennis trainer, but she shrugs it off and goes back to screwing everything like there is no tomorrow. The youngest is led into a lewd photoshoot, where she is abused, which (bizarrely) turns her on, instead of traumatising her for ever. They meet a trio of brothers, played by nobodies.

In the end, her mother was hiding near them. The eldest kills all the men out of rage.

Finally, they get a slap on the wrist, are back home in no time and turn into mild celebrities, being interview by one of those social rags.

Good actresses being wasted is a crime.

Too many people with the same surname on the credits.

Has a car/perfume commercial vibe. Ultra BS.


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