Incredibles 2

More of the same with loads of callbacks and references. Doesn’t reach the level of the first one, it’s an action packed scene with an ironic plot.

“Screenslaver” is a great name, but I have to point out that the Incredible family proves the villain’s point: nobody takes responsibility, people are waiting for a Deus Ex Machina to make their problems go away.

After beating the Underminer, wrecking the city but letting him get away with the money, they are relocated for the last time. There are no more second chances (not this second time it won’t), they get two weeks in a motel and after that they are on their own.

Out of the blue, a new Syndrome-like appears: a filthy rich pair of brothers, heads of a telco inherited from their father (nepotism, ho), who want to manipulate the public into repealing the Superhero Exclusion Act.

Their publicity stunt is having supers fight crime with an attached GoPro, to show people they are needed. Their companies provide the cheering media coverage. Elastigirl polls better, so she gets to go at it alone.

Elastigirl fights crime using a cool bike, since the female telco brother is from the Q branch.

Mr Incredible gets to be house husband and botches it. Turns out there are things you can’t solve by punching it into submission. The baby has random powers now (known since the DVD extras on the original), which only makes it worse. Bob has to eat his humble pie, after baking it.


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