The Haunted Mansion

Light horror for kids. At least that’s how this is sold, but the backstory includes people committing suicide, with on-screen hangings. Just like Pirates of the Caribbean, this was adapted from a Disneyworld ride, except this is dead, Jim.

Eddie Murphy in antics mode is the workaholic breadwinner for his middle class family, consisting of his extreme doormat wife, his young boy and a sassy teenage girl who knows Latin.

They are realtors, visiting a mansion, butlered by Terrence Stamp, in order to flip it for millions. Having a graveyard on the lawn and cobwebs aplenty are spun as “historic, spacious location” in the brochure.

As it turns out, the butler poisoned the master’s mistress, reincarnated in the woman they invited to the house, but her husband is having none if that! With the help of the servant couple and Jennifer Tilly on a crystal ball, they unmask the butler, who gets dragged into the pits of hell, while all other go to heaven.

A good Christian outcome for all the good ghosts. Blessed be thee!


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