Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Freaking ace! Brad Bird gets the helm of the Impossible Mission Franchise and proceeds to do a The Incredibles inspired romp that is a joy to watch.

Not only it picks up from the last film seamlessly, it shifts the focus to the team, and not just Tom Cruise plus sidekicks.

The best part is how it introduces Jeremy Renner’s character as a stereotypical mole, subverts once with his backstory, and subverts it twice with the wife’s status. Air Punching greatness!

Although this has incredible action scenes, they tend to be thematically related to the plot, not just stuff blowing up for no reason. Since the villain’s “organisation” is just two guys and perfect latex masks, the body count is kept low.

The cast is just the icing on the cake that elevates this from a lazy Sunday film to a legit entry to the spy genre.


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