Analyse This

Actually pretty funny. The basic plot is good enough, but the script is tight and very well acted. A joy to watch.

De Niro is having a lot of fun playing a parody of his previous roles, with added ridiculousness. Billy Crystal is having even more fun watching this from the front row.

Paul is a mob boss who survives an assassination attempt and has a mental breakdown that leads to watching insurance commercials and crying for 30 minutes.

For contrived reasons involving traffic accidents while transporting bodies in the car trunk, his right hand man finds a psychiatrist which gets shanghaied into his service at the worst times.

The plot is almost ridiculous, not helped by the fact that the psychiatrist solves Paul’s daddy issues in the middle of a shootout and he immediately goes into an almost catatonic state until his son says he loves him. The poor shrink has to take some blind potshots that miss their targets by a lot.


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