A bog standard thriller with the requisite twist and counter twist towards the end.

Boring McBoringface is a boring chartered accountant, doing boring accountancy auditing and being a general wet blanket.

Out of the blue comes a Tyler Durden that introduces him to a sex club where anonymous hot steamy sex is done in expensive Manhattan suites. It involves “anonymous” people that appear on the cover of Forbes, played by naked Charlotte Rampling and Natasha Henstridge.

Suddenly, a girl from the sex club appears and they seem to connect in other ways other that their genitals. When third base is to be passed, she disappears, leaving a blood trail and an unknown assailant in the room. After more brief Fight Club references, turns out Marla and Tyler Durden are conning McBoringface into using his auditor creds to steal 20 millions from some company into a Spanish bank.

To continue with the Fight Club references, his apartment is blown up by a gas leak and the protagonist is presumed dead, but in a reverse twist, suddenly McBoringface is blackmailing the murderous criminal over the money. They agree to a even split, but his hearth was true, Boring pays 5 millions for the whereabouts of what turns out to be a streetwalker with fancy clothes.

They have a showdown and the bad guy is killed by her, who runs away with shame. McBoringface and Marla murdered Tyler, but they still spend the next days doing tourism on Madrid, casually meet again in the Plaza Mayor and hook up again. The end, roll fancy credits.

The film budget is bigger than the money they stole, and one of them ended up dead. Jackman is credited as producer, which must mean the director could not tame Wolverine. Not that this is some ego trip for Jackman, him chewing the scenery makes the film better, but this was un-salvageable from the script.


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