The 80’s equivalent to the Fleischer cartoons. A smörgåsbord of dated effects, product placement, smoking in inappropriate locations and sex jokes. You know … for kids!

So many sex jokes.

There is a female ghost fellating one of the main characters. “Dr” Venkman is doing an “experiment” that consists in flirting with a female student while shocking a male student.

Sigourney Weaver is hounded for a date with Rick Moranis, her neighbour accountant, and doesn’t put out. When they are both possessed by Sumerian entities (Gatekeeper and Keymaster, in case you don’t get that penetration will occur) they have violent sex.

The climax of the film consists of the titular Ghostbusters getting covered in a white gooey substance and being ecstatic and panting.

The ultra liberal1 politics are also crazy.

The university dean kicks them out for doing jackshit, and they complain: “the private sector demands results, it’s not a good job like university teacher where you are paid to do nothing”.

After they take out a 3rd mortgage on their house, the EPA demands assurances they are disposing of ghosts properly and is met with abuse, heckles of “this is private property” and the like. Of course he is portrayed as the classic Reaganite governmental problem.

  1. In the correct, European sense. 


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