Rambo III

The one where the US Army fawns over the Taliban Mujahideen. That did not age well…

Rambo is now a Buddhist, with a side job in brutal underground fights to pay for temple renovations. (What?)

His CO tries to rope him into a mission into Afghanistan, where “Soviets are massacring an ethnic group”. Rambo says he is happy now, so he will have to go alone. Predictably he gets captured.

Rambo puts away his religion and goes to save him from the evil Russkies, those daemons who “open up pregnant woman with bayonets” (that’s a direct quote).

He arrives at the kind of camp that is being bombed by drones now and gets immediately roped in into CIA talking points, the local sport involving dragging a sheep carcass around on horseback, and a Soviet attack that leads many innocent collateral damage.

It’s always hard to pin Stallone down.

On this zigzagging interview, he flip-flops between intellectual and dyed-in-the-wool Reaganite.


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