Live and Let Die

The very first Roger Moore-led Bond has magic people, voodoo people.

The head of fake Haiti “San Monique” is being tracked by the CIA for dealing with some Harlem crook Mr Big. Bond tails him to the “Oh Cult Voodoo Shop”.

Felix Leiter sends Bond to the Caribbean with a girl two timing it for the locals. She is quickly disposed of, not before tasting Bond’s mojo.

Bond moves to Solitaire, the tarot lady that guarantees Mr Bad’s plan never fails by predicting the future. Her powers come from her virginity, so Bond is the perfect person to take care of that.

Turns out the island is just a giant covert poppy field, protected with nets and the tales of Baron Samedi. Sambo wants to give away 2 tons of H, which Bond calculates being worth a billion dollars, to bankrupt all other sellers and leave him as the monopolist heroin dealer on America. It’s not as bad as other stupid Bond villain plans, since the Sackler family pulled off a milder version of this with extra campaign contributions!

After escaping on a Routemaster, then on a Cessna that loses its wings, jumping over crocodiles, skiffing on Louisiana’s bayous, the lieutenant with the claw hand is finally defeated by getting thrown off a train. The villain is blown up with compressed air while his poppies are burnt up, all this done while escaping a shark pool.


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