Star Trek: The Motion Picture

“The Motionless Picture” is an apropos nickname. Even the action sequences are slow paced. It seems to be a direct sequel to the show, so they know you know what they know; I don’t know.

I quite like the main plot. The Voyager probes were news at the time, nothing like a good extrapolation from current events. I think they should have use the Golden Record somewhere, but since it has nudes, the censors would not approve.

Shatner’s Kirk is an insufferable asshole held in check by other officers. I want to punch him in the face badly. The rest of the characters are OK.

It wouldn’t be Star Trek without boldly coming into some womanoid entity, but this time Kirk keeps it in his pants, the Delta girl matter-of-factly states her celibacy vows to him. When she is turned into a bot, the XO revives their previous relationship and both achieve Nirvana.


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