Random guy tries to take justice into his own hands, fails spectacularly. Buying shit off Alex Jones is no substitute for community.

A christian fundamentalist prepper lives on his lower middle class neighbourhood with his average family. Their buddies, another lower middle class family celebrate Turkey day together. Both their small children are very lively, and they wander off, eventually being taken by unknown kidnappers. The only suspect is detained, but quickly released for lack of evidence.

The prepper sees this as their worldview crumbling, and decides to simply kidnap the guy (ironically) and keep him holed up and emaciated until he talks. Since he has some kind of handicap he reveals no information, in fact he only makes the detective waste precious time on not finding his daughter.

Regular police work turns up another suspect, but that doesn’t lead to anything, and desperation is setting in.

When the prepper tries to wring information out the mother of the kidnapped guy, she flips out and reveals herself to be the chessmaster behind it all. That auntie bear throws the prepper into a hole and he might remain in it for ever.

This an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, Villeneuve strikes again.

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Ephemera of Vision