Call Girl

The bog standard story of a high-class prostitute who hoodwinks her clients and the cop to run away with a suitcase full of cash to Brazil. Her real name is Mary, surname had to be Sue.

The main plot concerns a group of businessman trying to build a resort on protected land. The only opponent is the local councilman, who is apparently two-timing his wife already. They send our Mary to seduce him, take compromising pictures of him in the buff, and blackmail him into approving the resort.

Investigating an unrelated affair that merges into this is our cowboy cop, who fudges the rules and lets Mary escape with the money, the slam dunk evidence he needs.

In the end, the cop’s partner, a veteran investigator, gives the usual nihilistic speech about the guy who got away, being seduced by a girl when having an existing affair on top of his wife is just what men do, they just can’t control their dicks.

Meanwhile, she ran with 5 million in cash, the protected area is defiled and the corrupt politician gets away scot-free.


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Ephemera of Vision