An actual and metaphorical journey come together. Simple, but effective.

Hyper-competent builder manager Ivan decides he won’t be like his father who abandoned him as a kid, and actually drives all the way to London so see his child’s birth.

Except he is already married to another woman, with two teenager kids waiting for him at home. This child was a result of a one-night stand, and he decides to do the right thing. He was simply sorry for the child’s mother, alone and abandoned, he wanted to own up to his cock ups and don’t just run away as his dad.

At the same time, he needs to micromanage his underling to get the construction site ready for the next morning. Some cockups are resolved by the seat of his pants.

In the end, everything is left for the viewer to decide. Locke has his catharsis, even though he lost his job and his wife. Or has he?


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision