The Exorcist

The best film that contains the utterance: “Your mother sucks cocks in hell”.

At the same time this is somewhat pious, this was before the Catholic church was seen as a bunch of child rapists in cloth. In here, it’s simply a socially acceptable place for gay men to gather.

Seminal, without semen. Ripped of in The Mummy, The Fifth Element, etc. The first sound in this is literally “Allah Akbar”, I though I was watching a different film.

Tubular Bells doesn’t appear until 20 min in. “Fuck me” with hip thrusts until 1h.

Like Regan, there is an arthouse film bulging inside this shell, wanting to get out. It urges for long shots, keeping the camera rolling for longer, trickier shots. But the devil wears many faces, like the Executive Producer, and this was shortened.

At least this is I thought. Jane Fonda says this is “Capitalist, ripoff bullshit.”.


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