Only God Forgives

More Refn weirdness, dedicated to Alejandro Jodorowski. Bangkok Dangerous-ly dark.

Perennial Cypher Gosling runs an overground Muay Thai ring which is really a front for darker dealings. When his brother randomly kills a child prostitute and gets revenge murdered by her father (goaded by the implacable police chief who hovers around this world), the Real Housewife of Mobster descends on the scene.

She seeks revenge on everyone remotely linked to this, more out of rote sadism than actual atonement. Her un-motherly caresses on her child’s body pile more disgusting characteristics on her already repellent actions.

Nobody resists the ethereal policeman restoring balance to the world, even Cypher Gosling who gets his ass handed to him without the 5-0 breaking a sweat, while keeping his clothes pristine.

Our Cypher gives up in the end and subjects himself to justice.

The End.


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Ephemera of Vision