The Face of an Angel

Random hodgepodge of stuff about Meredith Kercher, a Briton murdered in Italy. Based on a tabloid writer’s book, so you get what you pay for.

Where to start?

Here’s Amanda Knox. Here’s Meredith Kercher. Their supposed doubles are completely different, there’s so much lost subtext.

After a hours long diatribe about a innocent life cut down in her prime, the alleged killer’s image is the one that remains. An actual innocent was jailed for three weeks but that doesn’t warrant more than a passing mention.

The writer was alternatively writing lurid sex scenes unconnected to the plot, boasting about having read Dante, and writing himself into the story for no reason than a cheap framing device. Again, this seems to have been changed halfway to consider tabloid writers as snakes smearing the dead, so an alternative protagonist was arranged.

The film seems to have setup the classic love interest with the journalist. Halfway through, with some post-coital mental clarity our author avatar notices those guys are snakes, and rebuffs her! Cara Delevigne to the rescue. Towards the end, their feud is resolved out of nowhere so that they can finish the trial scenes.

Back to Cara Delevigne, flipping off what I would expect to be the director for making her swim in the cold.


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