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  • Blackhat

    Kowloon Vice, with “hackers”. Hackers done badly.

  • Confidence

    The old style caper, the genre killed dead by Ocean’s Eleven. This is nicely done, but ironically rides on its coattails. Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz (what a shitty role for her), Paul Giammati, Andy Garcia (how ironic), and a bunch of nobodies fart out a competent ripoff from the big thing two years before.

  • By the Grace of God

    Simple but powerful treatise into Church sexual abuses in Lyon. Sometimes, just reading the allegations suffices.

  • A Hidden Life

    The closest Terrence Malick gets to insulting Trump. By making a 3h-long bucolic meandering through rural Austria, right after the Nazi invasion. The unbreakable shield of (Catholic) Christianity meets the unstoppable force of Nazism. Only innocents perish.

  • Adults in the Room

    A seemingly faithful diorama of the 5 months in which Varoufakis lead the Greek finance ministry, until being ostracised by the European institutions that turned Tsipras into his own anathema. ευχαριστώ.

  • Tropa de Elite

    Bait and switch. Starts off as a nihilist critique of Brazilian society before going off the rails into full blow fascism. Remarkable in every other way though, a true Triumph of the Will.

  • Good Bye Lenin

    A satirical look at the transition from late-stage decadent DDR into unified Germany, by way of complete exhaustion. Should always be accompanied by Das Leben der Anderen for a more complete picture.

  • Terminator Genisys

    Come with me if you want more money.

  • Hammer of the Gods

    A surprisingly deep medieval Bildungsroman, comprising a lot of gruesome deaths but also mental thrashings: disappointment, grief, betrayal. Moving from defeat to defeat, until the final “victory”.