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  • Charlie Countryman

    The indie equivalent to the superhero film: trite and treading well worn paths. Usually when filming on a backwater (from Hollywood’s POV), at least one of the lead is local so that colonialism parallels are less apparent. Even that is ignored here, accents are tactically deployed to hide this!

  • Watchmen

    Hooked by the intro, this hits the floor running but runs out of steam in the middle part. The perils of having to explain the origin stories of all characters, and the mandatory sex scenes.

  • Woman at War

    This is a very funny comedy, attuned to the Thunbergian times we live in (despite being done before that). Quirky, but full of heart.

  • Shame

    What a shame that this doesn’t rise above smut.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    Got to be one of the most depressing films ever. Not only the shaggy dog stories pile up, the resolution takes the cake as one of the vilest endings ever. Not what a I expected from the directors of The Final Destination, starring Ashton Kutcher.