The flip side of Back to the Future, yet another 80’s film set on the 50’s. It might look like an American Pie, but it’s barely about sex. There’s also less T&A than the average daytime reality show.

The moods swings faster than light. In one scene, the gang talks about ‘em niggers with disgust, but then a major plot point is how a hillbilly befriends a Jew, as if it was set in 1933 Germany. The jokes that permeate most of the plot are so unfunny, and the hollering reactions from the characters so long and contrived, it’s just painful to watch.

That’s not even getting into the treatment of women. There’s the coach, she-wolf of moral turpitude, representing regular people who are squeamish about coaches fucking in the locker room or the girl’s showers being peeped at. All the rest are sexpot cumdumpsters or strippers.

Guy pokes a dick through a hole in the showers? Giggles. Forced into sex for a bet about dogs? Fuck me now! Forced into sex so that the comic relief can be a “man”? Whatevs, do me in the back of the bus.

Poor, poor Kim Catrall…


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