Johnny Mnemonic

The old Gibsonian universe in a nutshell (with different names): Keyboard Cowboys; 320GB of hot RAM; Street Samurai; Muscle for the Yakuza; Ono-Sendai decks; Tessier-Ashpool corporations; AI with Swiss citizenship.

The year is 2021. Mega Corporations rule the world. Beijing is rioting (Hong Kong is close enough). Couriers of information risk their lives to bring important information to the public, concerning corruption on the upper corporate echelons (Panama Papers is close enough). Loteks fight against the corporate-led infection of the human psyche by information overload (Frances Haugen is close enough). Cures for common ailments are withheld from the public over fear of loss of profits from the necessary treatments.

Our hero Thomas Anderson ripped off a part of his brain for increased wetware capacity. Lacks long term memory, but he’s rich and pampered.

His last job before retirement is botched by the Yakuza, hired to literally deliver his head on a cryogenic plate. The Lotek faction supports him, lead by a dude straight out of Compton. His handler is Jane, a Molly Millions expy with cheap implants that give her the shakes.

After the Yakuza fails to capture him twice, they will continue their quest, but another bounty hunter will enter the fray: Ivan Drago the preacher man. Augmented for God, with a Christifix/Rambo knife.

To finally get the cure out of his head and broadcast it to the world, they need larger implants, attached to an old US Navy asset: Jones the sub hunter dolphin. More river dolphin than the classic bottle nose. He acts like Kuato: the resistance’s dolphin behind the man.


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision