Black Mama White Mama

A bizarre mix of risqué soft core T&A, long and drawn out shootouts, and Reaganist politics. Even weirder is the Philippines setting with cowboys and loads of country music. It’s like a Jackie Chan film without the good parts.

Starts off with a new batch of inmates for a woman’s prison. The only ones that matter are the high-ish class hooker (Pam Grier) and the leftist guerilla girl (Margaret Markov). They bathe, they smoke joints, they brawl with food in the mess hall.

They escape during a transfer and escape 3 factions: the guerrilla, the cops, and the drug dealers. Since they are mostly generic Philippine extras, it’s hard to distinguish between them.

In the end, of course the revolutionary is killed with a M79 Thumper, while the woman who stole 40 grand for her individual purpose gets away scot-free with a large bodycount.

Every single woman on screen (minus Pam Grier, and she is spanked for that) is either a rape victim or a sexpot nymphomaniac (or both). This has all the depth of a porn film, there’s even a literal dick measuring contest.

The prison guards are either extras or depraved lesbians. The country girls fuck everything that moves. Not even the protagonists escape this!


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