Sicario: Day of the Soldado

A pox on all these people. Trump-era plot where Islamic terrorists are coming through the Southern Border, leaving prayer rugs lying around? Alejandro is now a good guy and the spook has feelings? Just no.

This is a random parroting of pieces of dialogue from Sicario, interspersed with protracted shootouts, and the kid screaming. The plot is a clothesline for the set pieces, nicked from the greatest hits from the other true film.

In Sicario, after Alejandro murders the dirty cop and also two boys and cartel leader’s wife in front of him. Meanwhile, he probably enrolled in a mindfulness course, so he will sacrifice himself for a kid that reminded him of his daughter. Sure, he had feeling for Kate, but he still shot her, threatened her for pointing her gun at him and would have blown her brains out in the ending, without remorse. Alejandro has feelings, but not exactly human-like.


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