Weekend at Bernie's

A classic, from the Director of Rambo.

The story is so simple. Two chartered accountants work on weekend to find someone embezzling 2 million dollars. They take this information to their boss, Bernie the embezzler, which goes to the board meeting (a bunch of mobsters who gone legal) and orders a hit on them, near his house in the Hamptons.

Bernie is screwing the mobster’s wife (who talks in that weird accent from New York, in Bullets over Broadway), so he orders the hit on Bernie. When our pair of accountants finds about this, the universe conspires for keeping them dragging Bernie’s corpse around, on golf carts, speedboats, lawn chairs.

In parallel, some summer intern that lives nearby is the love interest, passively accepting a lot of shit.

Our pair of heroes is the slacker, and the workhaholic “nerd” (since he lives with his parents and wears a suit).

Bernie is the original yuppie bossman. Drives a Maserati. Owns a Porsche-style golf cart. Doesn’t work on Monday morning.

I like how a big deal is made of the house in the Hamptons costing 1.7 million. That wouldn’t even buy a single-room apartment in NYC now.


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