Totally rad, man. It’s John Wick meets Fury Road, in the style of the cover of a metal band album. “Psychotic drowns, while mystic swims”.

The setting is the Reagan years. He himself rails on the radio against pornography and abortion.

Nic Cage, the everyman logger, lives on the bucolic woods with his loving wife, who spends her free time painting in the style of Three Wolf Moon, and reading about far out planets. She is quite damaged, but happy now.

Out of the blue comes a gang of Mansonites, with some sub-contractor gimps, Mad Max-like. No assless leather pants, though. The couple is snatched, labelled as heathen, and the wife literally burns for her supposed “sins”, one of which was laughing her ass off the very small dick Manson has. 🤏.

Our man Nic watches powerlessly, in the Jesus stance, complete with barbed wire restricting his movement. They vanish into the night.

Nic won’t take this lying down. He crawls to the house, grunts for a while in his underpants, then it’s vendetta time!

After requesting material help from that guy from Predator, he personally forges a massive cross between an an axe and a sword. Then it’s clobbering time, reveeenge!

This is similar to previous Cosmatos films, but with extra budget for stunts. The music is eerie as hell.


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Ephemera of Vision