Night of the Living Dead

The granddaddy of all zombies film not just includes all the elements of the genre, but also includes others that further films abandon. The ending absolutely kills it. It’s like a very souped up Outer Limits / Twilight Zone episode.

An epidemic of murder, says the radio. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, he says, since this film predates the moon landings.

The FBI and CIA are cooped up with the president. Of course the military denies it, but the scientists know this has something to do with that Venus probe that came up with an unusual amount of radiation. Goddamn spooks.

After all this, Ben hears some noise outside, checks it out carefully, peeks out of a window and gets a bullet to the brain. The end.

Shocking I know, a Black man being shot by Police when standing his ground. About the same time as Martin Luther King even…


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Ephemera of Vision