The Night Manager with nicer effects and less fucking. A Memento of Nolan past. Is this the end of his career, or just the beginning. We live in a twilight world. Cells, interlinked, within cells, interlinked, within cells, interlinked within one stem. Laputan machine.

I understood the ending part “properly” the second time. Felix Leiter sacrificed one of his alternate selves to save Bond’s life, and also moved back to the Opera siege and beyond.

Of course the title it’s a palindrome. Wheels, within wheels, within wheels. Is that Whitman?

The protagonist gets to enjoy living future-side past. Michel Gondry (by way of Cibo Matto) deserved a shoutout.

Lizzie Debicki is once again the trophy wife of the antagonist, chained to her golden cage by a troubled past, helping the protagonist sub-rosa. No hot steamy sex, though. Lacks the gusto of Hugh Laurie, Branagh plays a bog-standard russkie badguy. Either that or a Harry Potter reunion.

The music is pretty crap imitation if Hans Zimmer. At least Holkenborg is anointed by the man itself. How was this not used?


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