Um Jantar Muito Original

A modest proposal to serve man. This is an adaptation of a story by Fernando Pessoa, in his Alexander Search heteronyms.

The setting is the early years of the XX century, in Lisbon, capital city for the Portuguese empire. The Lisbon Gastronomic Society, monarchist to the bone, is up in arms over an attack article by the rival (and republican) Porto Gastronomic Society, whom they view unworthy of that name.

The capo has an wicked idea for the perfect comeuppance, but it will take 10 days. This is all done in secret. Meanwhile, in the background, the inner circle plots to install a new president, more malleable to their whims. The choice is the future son-in-law of the head honcho. He’s being groomed to take the fall, as a disposable battering ram.

The capo’s big surprise is that their critics were invited to the dinner, not as guests or cooks, but as food. He nearly get chucked out of the window by the enraged guests, but the up and coming guy decides on another way: they could just eat the old capo themselves.

I really like this, it works on many levels.

Most of the cast (and crew, I guess) is from Porto, but they all play the Lisbon elite, with perfect accents of “standard” Portuguese. They only characters from Porto are the writers of the attack article, which have ridiculously exaggerated accents for upper class twits who happen to be Republican. This is funny considering there was an attempt to restore the monarchy from the North.


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