The Net

Sandra Bullock plays Wolfenstein on her Mac, while in Liberal US, system hacks you!

She telecommutes because of her agoraphobia, but still talks to her coworkers, like a human being. He found some kind of hidden link to internal systems and chalked it up to a bug. Her coworker crashes his plane on his way to give her more work, but she goes on vacation to Mexico anyway, whatevs.

She meets a tall dark stranger on the beach, which has a laptop as well, so it must be a friendly nerd. They have a drink not as nerds but as any romcom ever. She is mugged by some local, which turns out to be in league with the guy. The Mexican is murdered, with a silenced handgun no less. Fucking spooks. The guy “fails” to recover her wallet, but invites her to her yacht.

A programmer has a yacht as “company” perk? Only for CIA field agents. She is oblivious to that and fucks him anyway. Then she finds his gun and bolts, which starts a rollercoaster ride of federal and petty crimes.

The spooks access all the systems since the head anti-virus maker is in league with them, and all those systems use their software. Like Bill Gates meets Larry “Lawnmower” Ellison, he lead some congressman who criticises the company to suicide by pretending he had AIDS.

Anyway, our programmer is busy leaving Mexico under an assumed name, getting back home to see it on the open market and finding herself with a rap sheet for prostitution and narcotics usage. Since she doesn’t talk to the neighbours, nobody cam vouch for her. Her mother has Alzheimer’s too.

The only person that knows her is her ex-boyfriend and ex-shrink, an explosive combination. He helps her until the spooks spot him and poison him, twice! Her IRC pal also gets snatched by the spooks.

Finally, she gets to the company HQ, sneaks in there, triggers a false fire alarm and exfiltrates the proof she was being set up. After sneaking out and ducking into a computer convention, she emails the proof to the feds and sneaks around on the catwalks, until she straight up murders her pursuit, even though he loved her.

The FBI is not part of the system, so all ends well. She gets back into telecommuting while taking care of her mother.


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision