The Green Inferno

Eli Roth pseudo-remakes Cannibal Holocaust, without dead animals, including a virgin final girl. The tone flip-flops between abject horror, and “fun” body horror. Why, just why?

This is not like Knock Knock, where I was mislead: this I watched like a trainwreck, double checking it was as bad as the rest if Eli Roth’s stuff. It is.

Then there’s the whole SJW angle. This is the guy that appeared on Saving Private Ryan. It seems there’s only some causes worth to defend, the rest are posers, and the line is drawn at Steven Spielberg.

There’s two big innovation here, both in the credits:

  • Twitter handles for the main cast members.
  • A small history of Italian cannibal genre, with mile-long AKA lists (it’s worse than porn names). Not even they owned up to their film, something Eli Roth would be wise to copy.

There’s even “comic relief”, provided by that guy from Spy Kids (not comedic, nor a relief). Just no…


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